History of Kamberg Trout Festival

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This was one of three fish, the biggest one 55cm, the smallest 48cm. Highmoor is fishing well.
Both Salmo and Kamloop dams will be rested for the month of May, reopened for the Festival and closed again till Sept 1st.

More than 20 years ago, the late Mike Poplett, a resident of the valley, decided that they were able to fill a need in Trout Fishermen’s lives. The beautiful Kamberg Valley has awesome dams, privately stocked for the exclusive use of the visitors to the Kamberg. Mike decided that once a year the Kamberg would come alive to the sounds of the merriment of Whisky and the fishing stories that were told and retold many many times around the fire at the Wheel and Plough Pub in the Kamberg Valley Association (Kamberg Farmers' Association).

The first Kamberg Trout Festival set a standard for the years to come. Each year the fishermen booked well in advance, many being disappointed as the Festival is booked out very quickly. The fishermen come not only for the fantastic fishing, but for the Kamberg Karma. The friendliness of the community and the good home cooking together with the socials held in the Wheel and Plough every evening. Reaffirm friendships and the camaraderie that fishermen need to add value to their day of fishing. Often the mornings are bitterly cold, then warming up to sunburn heat and ending up with bitterly cold evenings.

Only fish over 60cm are weighed in with much banter and mirth, ooh's and aaah's and the exchange of fishing stories. Once the evening meal has warmed the stomachs of the entrants, the warmth of the community is again experienced in the conversations. When Mother Nature has been kind, the Kamberg Trout Festival has been able to use up to 30 dams, which means that the smaller dams do not suffer the rod pressure giving the fishermen better fishing. So let us hope that Mother Nature looks kindly on the Kamberg Valley for all our future Kamberg Trout events.