Kamberg Outdoor Challenge

Any urbanite taking a casual meander through the Midlands on the 4th August, would have been forgiven for thinking that mad cow disease had taken hold of the Kamberg Valley.

The volley of shots would have echoed through the hills well before a visual relief of a clay range came into view, causing any motorist to hesitantly approach this soundtrack to “Die Hard 3”

The scene of 120 khaki clad contestants running rampant around the Outdoor Challenge even had the local bovine population staring on in disbelief. The only thing they would have recognized was the Jonsson brand of clothing that every entrant was fortunate enough to receive on registration.

Every year for the last decade, the Kamberg has invited neighboring farming communities and friends to join them in an unrivaled day of entertainment. This fund-raiser, is the brainchild of Rowan Van Aardt, Simon March and Brad Price who clearly take joy in watching a bunch of grown men run around like kids who can’t find their Ritalin.

With a committee too large to mention, as practically everyone gets involved in making it happen, they conjure up a series of events intended to test the dexterity and determination of every team.

The two constant annual events appeal to the primal urges of every man, with the fresh smell of gunpowder coupled with 12 bore in hand assuaging any testosterone build up and the deft art of inducing the local trout to take a fly completing that satisfaction of conquering the elements.

So having pumped more lead in the sky than clays shattered, the teams then face 3 other disciplines requiring planning and stamina.
This year, Stewart Brown yet again came up with the unnerving Agri Olympics involving a 200 litre drum, a water trough, 2 x 50 kilo bags of grain, 4 gum boots and a sled……..all whilst trying to keep fresh eggs in your pockets unbroken.

Having survived this quagmire you are then called on to master some heavy duty JCB farming machinery as well as having to impersonate Robin Hood and his Merry Men……….despite the archery looking like child’s play, the lads were taking their target practice seriously

The lunchtime gathering would remind you of days of old, with families of contestants gathering (all invited free of charge)
to enjoy a wonderful afternoon picnic in the winter sun. A more heartening scene you would be hard pressed to find.
And as the final test, each team draws one of the top trout dams in the district and set off in pursuit of their trophy.

Sundown sees some weary contestants return to the Kamberg Farmers Association still in high spirits though, largely due to a little down-time with a cold brew in hand. And that’s when the party starts. A spit braai has all the teams replenishing their fuel tanks as the tally of points for each event and discipline are calculated.

Pipping the reigning champions, the Nottingham Road Teals at the post, were the 2012 winners,
Team Magangane, with Panda Hunters in 3rd place.
It was largely due to the key sponsors of the Challenge, namely WildFly, Jonsson Workwear, Greenfields, Pannar and Engen that this event was able to raise the much-needed funds for the Kamberg Farmers Association.

Once again the Kamberg Outdoor Challenge sets the benchmark in community events for all to enjoy. Make sure you book well in advance for the NEXT Kamberg Outdoor Challenge.