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Rules and Regulations


Only recognized bona fide fly fishing equipment may be used. No lures, bait, spinning or any other fishing equipment is permissible.

Kick boats and float tubes are allowed. However no motors or artificial means of propulsion other than flippers are permissible. No Fish finders or electronic fish detection devices are allowed.

Fishing is only permitted on your allocated waters, at times as per the program of events.

Catch returns will be captured daily between 17H30 and 18H30 and the KVA Hall. No catch return - no prizes.

Only Trout are to be measured and counted by the anglers. Once the Trout has been measured it is to be carefully released. Length is measured from the tip of the nose to the V of the tail. Remember, you are protecting the future of your competition by releasing the fish carefully.

Prizes may be allocated for teams, so please ensure that team captains complete all catch returns and submit them each night at the registration table. No catch return record equals no prize!

A prize/prizes may be awarded for tagged fish. However catching a tagged fish will not in itself automatically qualify the contestant for a prize. In the event that more then one tagged fish is caught during the festival, then the allocating of the tagged fish prize will be determined by a lucky draw. All tagged fish must be retained and presented at the weight table of the KVA Hall between 17H30 and 18H30 hours daily during the festival.

No pets allowed, and strictly no lighting of fires on or around the waters. Use the demarcated bins for cigarette butts and litter. Remember this is a fire hazard area, so be exceptionally careful.

Observe all farm signs. Ensure gates are properly closed and only use the demarcated access roads to the water. A maximum speed limited of 40km/h must be observed on all private property.

Trophy Trout measuring more than 60cm from the tip of the nose to the V in the tail may be kept and brought to the weigh in at the KVA hall daily between 17H30 and 18H30. Prizes for the largest Trout will be awarded, provided they measure more than 60cm.

A maximum bag limited of 2 fish per angler will be allowed throughout the tournament

In order to qualify for prizes, prize winners will need to be at the prize giving function on Saturday and they will have to complete all the catch returns for all 4 sessions - even if they never caught a fish. Those not complying to the above will be disqualified from receiving prizes.

Any Trophy Brown Trout caught (60 cm or larger) are to be measured, photographed and witnessed by a fellow competitor.  THEN THEY ARE TO BE IMMEDIATELY RELEASED.  A prize will be awarded to the largest Trophy Brown Fish measured and photographed (provided it is greater than 60 cm in length) and witnessed by a fellow competitor. 

The Kamberg Valley Association (KVA) Trout Festival, its members, sponsors and organizers do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any property or any injury, illness or death to any entrant / guest whilst using the waters or facilities or properties on which the festival is being held.

Please observe normal security rules and lock your vehicles.

The Kamberg trout festival committee reserves the right to interpret these rules entirely at their discretion.